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Adaptogenic Instant Beverage Blends

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Wellness Redefined

Take a soothing step towards wellness with Mushroom Mana. Each blend is a testament to soothing the mind and body. Combining organic functional mushrooms with raw cacao or grass fed collagen.


Enhance your mind, digestion and immune system

Every sip is a step towards a more balanced lifestyle


April 2023

“This is really good! It's a touch spicy and the ginger and cayenne give it a great personality. I drink mine with oat milk and no sweetener and find it to be perfect on a cold rainy day. Shipping was prompt"

Chai Cacao

Calm the Mind & Body

turkey-tail mushrooms
Mushroom Mana at the Holiday Market
Golden Mylk Packaging Sizes
Golden Mylk
Maca Mocha Product Sizes
Maca Mocha
Chai Cacao Product Sizes
Chai Cacao
Tea of Flowers
Mushroom Mana at the Tigard Farmers Market
Lions Mane Mushroom

The Holistic Approach 

Providing Comfort in Every Sip 


Premium Quality

All Organic Ingredients



Harmonizes the body's

stress response


Naturally Energizing

A caffeine-free approach

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Gut Health Support

Promotes healthy digestive balance


Immune System Support

Strengthens the body's natural immune defenses


Versatile & Customizable

Adapt each blend to your taste preference

Every ingredient is functional and organic​

Relaxation Remedy


Bring on the comfort with our

spicy hot chocolate

A harmonious fusion of chai spices, raw cacao, functional mushrooms, and a kick of cayenne.


This blend features reishi mushroom for serenity, lion's mane mushroom for clarity, and turkey tail mushrooms for digestive support.

Cognitive Comfort

Maca Mocha is a family favorite, reminiscent of hot chocolate with the support of functional mushrooms.


Blending raw cacao and maca root with a robust mix of cordyceps mushroom, lion's mane mushroom, turkey tail mushroom, and reishi mushroom. 



An Ayurvedic-inspired blend,  known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits.


This soothing and rejuvenating blend is collagen based with ginger, turmeric and warming spices, enriched with lion's mane mushroom and turkey tail mushroom.

Mushroom Mana Farmers Market Booth with Owner Mikaela

A proud woman-owned business in Beaverton, Oregon.

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Savor the Difference

 Join us on a flavorful journey towards enhanced health and vitality.

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